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Name Badger!
The Quick & Fun nametag solution that promotes fellowship in Worship, Fellowship events, Sunday School, VBS, and meetings.

How it works....

  1. People walk up and click the first letter of their Last Name on the Name Badger screen.

  2. Then they click their name -and then click "print".

  3. Out pops a single nametag in under 2 seconds!

The printing is fast because thermal label printers are optimized for speed, and don't use ink.

Click a button, type your First and Last Name, then click "print a nametag." And the next time you need a nametag, the person's name will be there to print. You can also add additional contact information. (P.S. We made the interface BIG and SIMPLE. See screenshots below...)

It's easy. Just export a simple text file of member names and addresses from your membership software and import them using Name Badger's quick and easy import feature. Name Badger comes with instructions to help you do this.   Or... you (or the users) can enter their names manually in to the database (and it will be there the next time they use Name Badger).

Name Badger remembers everyone who's printed a nametag, and the last ten dates they did so. Print the entire list as an attendance report, or view a person's screen and see the last ten dates they attended. In effect, when someone prints their nametag, they are registering their attendance!

Add the church name, web address, or special announcements to all nametags, and/or add specific info to each person's nametag (great for allergy info, or class info, or "parental pickup only" permission.

A registrar can enter new users ahead of time, so that participants can find their name on the Name Badger screen when they arrive and print their nametag. This will also register their attendance.

Name Badger Costs a FRACTION of what some other "check-In" software & nametag programs cost.
Seriously! Some want you to subscribe to their nametag software for $24 a month. Other's cost $300 or more. One is over $2000!  Name Badger costs $39, is a lot easier to use, and can be used by the nametag WEARER.

So easy, even the pastor can use it...

Sunday School kids and teachers


Bible Study

Special Fellowship Events


Preschool Check-in

Special Event & Vacation Bible School Registration

In the best of all worlds, "permanent" nametags would be the perfect solution.

But in the real world, permanent nametags require a lot of management, and aren't cheap, quick or easy to make. Worst of all...they tend to walk-off or get lost.

They also present display & storage problems -as not many churches have a big wall to hang them all on in a location where people will NOTICE them!  Name Badger is quick to use and can be moved to wherever you need it.

Handwritten nametags are great.... if people have good handwriting (good luck) and those "Hello" nametags don't fall off the kids (which they always do).

Nametags are an important way for adults, kids, teachers and staff to get to know each other. Nametags promote community. And Name Badger makes it easy and fun.

See pricing and system spec info below

More about Name Badger !

Name Badger installs on your PC, preferably a laptop so you can move Name Badger wherever you need it. You hook up your label printer to that computer.

What's the price of a label printer and labels?

  • Label printers are sold at most office supply stores for between $50 to $70. 

  • A roll of 300 sticky labels cost about $15. That's a nickel a label, ...which is about 2 cents more than "hello my name is" nametags (but they and a lot more legible when Name Badger prints them! and "hello" doesn't register attd.)

  • This type of printer does not use ink, rather, it prints with heat onto treated label paper. Whereas a box of "sharpie" markers will run you $10 -and dry out when people leave the caps off them (or they walk off.)

  • You'll need a basic label printer that can handle up to 2.4" wide labels. More printer details below.

Quick & No Mess. And unlike handwritten nametags, Name Badger nametags are LEGIBLE.

Extra Sticky!  These type of thermal labels are EXTRA STICKY. "Hello my name is" nametags easily fall off certain fabrics and active kids.

We recommend putting Name Badger on a Laptop for portability

In fact, we designed Name Badger to run on an older used laptop. See system specs below.
Used laptops are everywhere... in church members' closets, in business storage rooms.
If you can't find one, you haven't asked the right people yet!

What's the price of LEGIBILITY?

Illegible handwritten nametags are a waste of money and opportunity.

Name Badger prints the first name LARGE over the last name. (Large enough so you can "sneak a peek" across the room at someone's nametag before you walk up to them.)

Additional Name Badger Features:

  • Add a custom 'tag line' at the bottom of every nametag, such as the name of the church, or "don't forget canned goods next week."
  • Easily Import list of names from any membership program. See the Name Badger instructions here.
  • Add "personal" info to any record so that teachers can note allergies, special conditions, and "pick-up permissions" for security. This info prints on the nametag.
  • Print several different labels in one step.  Selecting multiple names allows one family member to print several family members' nametags in one step.
  • Use Namebadger as an Event Registration sign-in tool.  You can have the participants entered-ahead of time, then have them click their name to register their attd. Printing the nametag is optional.
  • Print an attendance report, or view an individual's last 10 attendances.
  • NameBadger is NOT networkable (meaning multiple stations of NameBadger cannot access the same database). But we DO have several good suggestions for deploying and managing multiple nametag stations. Read our FAQs.

Using Name Badger as a Check-in Program for Young Children

During testing several of our test churches began using Name Badger to check-in and  'tag' their preschoolers as they were dropped off. They printed one tag for the child, marked the child's name on the peel-off backing and gave it to the parent as a receipt. You can also print a second nametag. Linda @ the Okolona Church (quote seen here on the right) really liked that feature.

Each child's data entry screen also includes a "notes" area which can include special information, such as, who has permission to pick a child up, allergies, emergency numbers, etc. That screen also has a field into which you can type text that will print below the child's name on the nametag. For example: "Peanut Allergies" or "Dad will pick up at noon." Similar check-in security/nametag software programs cost hundreds of dollars (what a rip).

You can also use Name Badger to Register Children for Vacation Bible School and print them a nametag. Use it for any special event check-in.

Name Badger was Designed and Tested by Christian Educators and Pastors

I sent my outline for this program to all our customers via our email newsletter. Their enthusiast support and suggestions fueled this project.
When the test version was ready, seven churches tested it and gave us detailed feedback about their experience.
See the list of 7 churches that helped us test and tweak Name Badger.

System Requirements

Windows Me/XP/Vista/Windows7/8. Minimum 900mhz processor, 128mb Ram or higher. A faster computer will speed up the printing process. Works on the kind of older laptops many members and businesses have to donate!

Name Badger requires the purchase of a nametag width label printer and labels. See printer details below. Name Badger will not work with conventional inkjet printers. Name Badger cannot be networked.

Canadian Customers see this important tech note

See our FAQs for database size and importing/exporting questions.

Price: $39.00 for one

See our online order form for our 2+ and 5+ copy price discounts.

ORDER NOW via our online order form
How Many Copies do you Need?
We recommend one copy for one station to get started.  If you are going to have more than one station,
then you will need multiple copies of NameBadger. See our great quantity pricing above. It is possible to connect two laptops to one label printer using an automatic switch into which the two computers connect. See our FAQs for some thoughts on that.

Don't forget to Print the Name Badger Instructions and Support Document

One Customer's Nice Review

Just a quick note of thanks.   I work in the college ministry at First Baptist Daytona and single handedly take roll and handwrite name tags for approx 60 students that flood our doors all at once.  

Last Sunday was the first week of trying the NameBadger software.   It was so fast and made my job much easier, plus the college kids think the little printer is cool.   Being able to quickly export into Excel and do a couple of sorting tasks on screen and then I can properly fill out our attendance sheets, means I can actually make it into class and hear the lesson!

I’m a fan. 
Janice  H.
Daytona Beach, FL

Purchasing your label printer...

There are many good thermal label printers available online or at your local office supply store between $50 and $90. Some good brand names: Brother, Dymo, Seiko. Label printers don't use ink, they print using heat to activate the paper. This makes them quick and smudge-less. If you prefer, these small printers can easily be connected via USB cable to a church office computer for use during the week. Price shop!  We've seen the Brother QL 570 for as little as $47 some weeks on Amazon.com.

Be sure to get a label printer that can handle UP TO 2.4" wide labels (nametag width). Most will come with a full roll of labels. There are two types of nametag labels available for your printer: continuous and die-cut. The continuous labels are one long roll which the label printer's cutter will cut for you. The die-cut labels are pre-cut to size on one long continuous tape. Either works fine, but the continuous rolls are a bit cheaper.

Some retailers may refer to their labels as "shipping labels" while others call them "nametags."  When setting up your label printer, be sure to consult Name Badger's help file on the CD and here at this website. Name Badger cannot be used with older "address" size-only label printers, or with standard inkjet printers.

Importing Names from your Membership Software into Name Badger

You can manually type names into Name Badger's interface, OR you can also import names in one fell swoop from your membership software. Name Badger can import common spreadsheet files (text -txt- and "csv" files). Name Badger's instructions walk you through it. Having some familiarity with your membership database will help. View our instructions for details. Consult our FAQs for more help working with databases.

Multiple Name Badger Stations

Some churches are setting up Name Badger stations in various areas of their church. Each Name Badger database stands alone, so if someone wants to print a nametag from Station1 on one week, and from Station2 another week, they'll have to have their names inputted into both copies. They can do this manually at the station through our simple interface, or you can import your member database from your membership software into both Name Badger stations.  Some large churches are NAMING their stations so that certain age groups or members always use a certain station:  "Samson for Second Graders" ...etc. (You cannot, however, link the databases via a network.) 

Secure Preschool Sign-in

Some churches want an added layer of security around their children and Name Badger can help. In addition to storing and viewing notes about students in each student's nametag file, Name Badger can also print any special info you want on the name tag footer, such as "Peanut Allergy."

For "pick-up permission" control, you can simply write the child's name on the peel-off backing and give it to the parent, OR print TWO copies of each child's nametag and give one to the parent, --or include the name of whoever has pick up permissions on the nametag footer. Some nametag programs being marketed to churches offer barcode scanning, finger print ID, and cost $200, $400, even $500 (which is insane), require special label forms, and are not so user-friendly. Honestly? If you need a program that barcodes your kids and finger prints your parents, Name Badger is probably not for you.

For a Special Program, such as Vacation Bible School

You have our permission to create a second installation from your original Name Badger disc on the SAME computer, and use that second installation to create a separate VBS listing. If you want to install Name Badger on two separate computers, you'll need to purchase two separate copies. However, if you do this, please first read our instructions on working with multiple copies on the same computer as you don't want to overwrite the datalist file. Read the instructions here.

Tracking Attendance is an important tool for pastoring and evangelizing.
This is so self-evident I'm not going to say anymore other than NameBadger helps us pay attention and notice problems.

Why I Created Name Badger...

I actually created an EARLY version of Name Badger for my church back in 1994, --two years before I started Sunday Software.  It was a big church and lots of people only knew each other by face, not by name. But the printers and computers were too slow, the interface was unrefined, and we only had a clunky desktop to put it on.

Over the years in various churches we tried various nametag ideas...
 We put out sharpies markers and nametags on the table for "Name tag Sundays" - but many people don't write legibly, or they write really small. And twice a year wasn't enough for my brain.

We tried those printed "permanent" nametags that fit into the plastic sleeves and clip on your shirt. Only problem was, my name card kept falling out, ...or going home in my pocket. (And the ladies don't like how the clip pulls on their fabrics.) We had a row of 'ribbons' in the hallway on which people clipped their 'permanent' nametags. Inevitably, they got lost, or youth groups and boy scouts fiddled with them.  The biggest problem, however, was that the nametags were located "down the hall" from where people came in, so many people forgot about them.

In one church we had nametags with lanyards for the kids. And they loved them so much they took them home.

Then in the Spring of 2009, the lady in my church who was in charge of the "permanent" nametags, expressed frustration over creating them, and the fact that few people wore them. People walked right by them without seeing them.  It was a cry for help, and I knew the time was right for Name Badger. Label printers are now fast and cheap, used laptops are dime-a-dozen, and I owned a software company!

So we built Name Badger and tested it in 7 churches with great results.

Name Badger is portable, flexible, and really easy to use.
Let us know how it works for you!

I've looked at some of the nametag and church "check-in" programs on the market.

Many of those programs look like warmed over corporate ID programs, and are about as easy to use.  BAR CODES? My kids are not cans of fruit. Three Hundred Dollars (and more!) ?  Who are they kidding. Finger print scanning ...really?

We needed a nametag solution that was:

  • simple to use

  • fun to use

  • inexpensive

  • prints quick

  • and was portable

That solution is

Name Badger Instructions and Support Document

Name Badger FAQs and database help

Questions? Email Neil MacQueen, neil@sundaysoftware.com

Thank you to our Name Badger Test Churches!

Amy Parker, 1st Presbyterian, Ft. Worth Tx
Linda Hankins, Okolona Church of Christ, Louisville Ky
Nancy Reid, Central UMC, Evansville, In
Brenda Mundroff, Resurrection Lutheran, Ft. Wayne In
Ryan Maloney, Oak Ridge Church of Christ, Willow Park Tx
Loraine Huchler, Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville NJ
Angela Crotsenberg, Frontier UMC, Cheyenne Wy