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The 80 New Questions CD

for use with Bongo Loves the Bible CD

80 all new and improved questions that install into Bongo's four "jungle" Bible quiz games.

Bongo Loves the Bible CD actually has a total of 8 games in it.  FOUR of those games are found under the Bongo Knows the Bible menu (also known to the kids as "the jungle quiz games").  And each one of the four jungle games features 20 questions "about the Bible" that must be correctly answered in order to win the game.   This 80 New Questions expansion pack CD installs new questions into those four jungle quiz games.

After installing the new question pack, your players will see four new question categories in Bongo Knows the Bible and select one these new 20 question sets to play:

  1. "Bible Basics 1" focuses on Bible basics for all ages, but is especially written for Second and Third Graders (...which your older kids won't notice)
  2. "Bible Basics 2" focuses on "Who and Where am I in the Bible?"  Bible Basics 1 & 2 cover 40 stories/people/places which the typical Sunday School students "should" or needs to know. No minor content here, and no trick questions either.
  3. "Funny & Famous" Set #3 focuses on The Top Ten Most Popular Bible Verses, plus 10 Funny verses and stories in the Bible.
  4. "Super Bongo Bible Freak" Set #4 is a more challenging set of questions about "Bible basics" for those who have mastered the first 3 sets.

Bongo's original 80 questions and the new 80 are not simply Bible "trivia" questions.  The 80 original in the game CD and most of the 80 new questions in this Bongo Question Pack CD (except for a couple of goofy questions) were RESEARCHED and designed to do several things:

  1. Test for BASIC Bible knowledge --the major Bible content every child should know.

  2. Refresh their memories of that content through rich questions and answers, and rewarding recall.

  3. Teach new ADDITIONAL information about those basics by adding content into each question.

  4. Give teachers and parents a way to gauge student basic Bible proficiency.

  5. And do it all in a fun game that gets them to play their way to proficiency every time they play Bongo.

We have a very special way to order this CD that saves money! 

See our special ordering notes below...

Comments from Neil about the new 80 New Questions

Neil MacQueen (me, myself and I) is the author of Bongo, the original 80 questions, and the new 80 questions on this CD. 

This 80 Question Expansion Pack CD features many of the original 80 questions that come with the Bongo Loves the Bible CD, but I have reformatted them, improved them, and made them look nicer.  I also made some of the questions a little easier to answer based on the fact that some of our customers have younger kids using Bongo, or students with less Bible knowledge.

I also create TWO NEW Question Sets for this: Funny & Famous, and Super Bongo Bible Freak.  These two new sets were created especially for our Bongo customers who have "played through" the original 80 set and are looking for something fresh.

I've been teaching & testing students at the computer in Sunday School since 1990. I've written extensively about the importance of testing & refreshing student memories, including reading and highlighting the brain research about how our memories work and how teacher's can use this knowledge in their teaching. I've also been stressing the importance of writing "good" questions and not merely trivial ones. The original questions and new set were compiled based on research, reading, and my years of experience as a children and youth pastor.

The question about Paul here on the right >> is a good example of my question writing strategy and the graphic improvements in this new set:

Rather than simply asking "Who in the Bible was shipwrecked 3 times?" as some trivia games do, I include additional information about Paul to TRIGGER additional memories from past lessons that can help them answer the question, AND learn something new.

This approach is especially important for the student who was never taught about Paul's shipwrecks, and may only remember that Paul had a helper named Silas. This approach accesses and refreshes their "associative memories" about Paul, and adds new content to those memories. This simple idea is based on real research and experience, but it's something you rarely see in Bible trivia games. 

We don't want to STUMP the kids. We WANT them to know or learn the answer!  So if they get it wrong, Bongo must try again until they get it right.

Most of the questions in the 80 original or 80 new questions are designed like this. Even the answers have been carefully selected to trigger memories and help students decide. (And the new set has some fun stuff in it too.)

The 80 original questions and 80 new are based on a list of things about the Bible every Sunday School student should know which we gleaned from numerous books, curriculums, teacher input, and my three decades of experience in Sunday School. 

 <>< Neil MacQueen, Sunday Software


This new set of questions moves the lower age range down a bit from the original set included with the Bongo CD. Grades 2nd and 3rd will find the language easier, ...and Grades 5-7th probably won't notice!  Bible Basics 1 was especially created to be easier for younger children, --with easier language and questions --but we doubt your older kids will notice.

The Bongo games themselves do require some gaming and reading skill, which means your younger students will need some help moving Bongo around the jungle and staying away from the orangutan-eating plants that guard some of the questions. Bongo is one of our most popular CDs, even among the younger children, but they do need help.


Order the Bongo 80 New Question expansion pack CD now
Look for it in the Christian Games section just below the Bongo game CD on our online order form.

Please note our Special Ordering Instructions just for this CD...

HONOR SYSTEM: You will do the installation from the one CD we will send you, --up to the quantity you have paid for.

Order: Qty of 1 CD for one installation = $9
Order a Qty of 2 if you have two installed copies of Bongo that you want the new Question pack for = $6.00 each
Order a Qty of 3 for three installs = $6.00 each
Order a Qty of 4 for four installs = $6.00 each

Order Qty of 5 for five or more installs! = $5.00 each

You do not need to order more than a qty of 5!  If you have 5 or more installed copies of the Bongo game, we are capping the number of new question installs you need to pay for at 5. You're welcome :-)  Thus, if you happen to have 8 or 10 copies of Bongo game installed, you only need to order a Qty of 5 of the New Question CDs.

In effect, you're buying this 80 New Question Set as a "site license", meaning: you receive one CD with permission to install it on up to X computers. It's on the honor system. You input the quantity into our order form based on the number of installed Bongo games you want to add the new question pack to.

Yep, this is different!  Talk to Neil via Live Chat, or call 614-527-8776 if you need help.

Why we created an additional set of 80 questions for Bongo...

  1. Our customers and their kids love Bongo but many had already exhausted the original 80 questions several times over, ...yet the kids keep wanting to play! 
  2. Many of our customers are using Bongo with younger students, --with the teachers reading the questions from the screen. They needed questions with more age-appropriate language and fewer answers to choose from. Bongo's original set was for Grades 3 and up. The new set can easily be understood by 1st graders --but won't sound too young to the older kids.
  3. We also felt it was time for a more "creative" set of multiple choice questions!  

We have rephrased key Bible information in new ways, including "Who Am I?" and "Where Am I in the Bible?" questions. And we have added additional content to many questions so that the questions help teach new information the students may not have known.



The Bongo Question Expansion Pack CD copies over the original set. The original set is still available on your original Bongo CD and as a free download from us if you ever misplace it.

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