A Quick Ram and Video Ram Help from Sunday Software


How to find out how much RAM and Video RAM memory your Windows PC has, and how fast your processor is. Plus, finding the age and version of your video chip and its driver.

If you are one of our customers, we may have sent you here to gather info about your computer. Additional info about your program can be found on its specific support page linked at https://sundaysoftware.com/site/support/

To collect this system info, you need to Run the Microsoft DirectX diagnostics program found in your Windows operating system. DirectX is a suite of files from Microsoft that interface with your computer hardware. A "DXDIAG" report can tell you and us the answers to the questions above and help us diagnose the problem.

It's easy to do. Just type these six letters, DXDIAG, into your Windows "search" or "run" field. Different versions of Windows called it different things, and put it in different locations. You may need to click your Windows "Start" Pearl or Windows Icon in the lower left corner of your screen.

DXDIAG will prompt you to open DirectX Diagnostics. From there you can see all the info you need, and "save all" to a text file.

Here's a helpful image showing you the "how-to"...