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Galilee Flyer Technical & Flying Help


General Notes:

Print the Flying guide and playing tips for Galilee Flyer from

In Windows Vista and Windows 7, depending on which version that OS you have, you may need to RIGHT click the Galilee Flyer desktop icon, and select "Run as Administrator" to allow the game to start.

You may also need to RIGHT click the Galilee Flyer desktop icon, select Properties/Compatibility and tell Vista/W7 to "run as XP". This will settle the OS down a bit.

Release Note:  If you have a version of Galilee Flyer purchased prior to 2007, it may be lacking the "easier easy mode" changes we made to subsequent versions released after 2006.

Important Wide Screen Technical Tip:  

Many newer monitors and laptops come with W I D E aspect screens so you can view dvd movies in full width. This creates a problem with many 3D games which attempt to STRETCH to the full screen width. It can make Galilee Flyer appear "fat."  You have two options to correct this. 1)  Open the Graphic Properties in your Windows Display control panel and select "fixed aspect" as the display option. Or, 2) We put a "Run in Window" option at the beginning of the game. After starting, you can RESIZE the window by dragging the corners of the window to your preferred screen dimension. 

Reported Problems and Solutions:

Problem: After installing and starting the program on Windows 98 you get a "missing export DDRAW.DLL:Direct Draw CreateEx" error message. 
You need to update your Window's copy of DirectX. Look on the Galilee Flyer CD for the DirectX folder we have provided, or go to

Some older videocards may not be fully DirectX compliant and may not meet industry standards. "Voodoo" brand videocards are to be avoided for just such a reason. They may cause display problems with the Flyer game engine.

Problem: The program quits/crashes after installation.


1. If in XP, make sure you are in the Full Admin Rights account. Not a limited user account. Flyer needs to write your score to the harddrive and may not be able to do it in the presence of limited access or heavy security software.

2. Set your display settings to 800x600.Set your colors to 16 bit high color (this will take it easy on your videodriver). If your resolution is set too high, it might trip your driver to malfunction.

3. Try switching the "XP compatibility option" for Galilee Flyer to "Run as 98". This will tell the system to run a little more gentle. To switch compatibility, place your mouse over the desktop startup icon and RIGHT click. Select Properties, then Compatibility. This only affect that icon.

4. Make sure you have the latest release of your video driver.  Even on newer computers, some drivers had bugs and have free updates you may need to run 3d style programs without problems. See my tech notes at the bottom of this page for how to do that, or go to

Problem: Error msg reads "Can't run windowed ...set desktop to high or true color."
Open your Control Panel, double click Display and Settings and set your colors to 16 bit high color.

Problem: The triplane seems to flutter or bounce when taking off from land or sea.
Solution: This is a fluke in the game engine when attempting to roll on uneven ground. Accelerate faster and press your down arrow as you do for steeper take-off. It could also be the result of low videom emory causing the screen to stutter.

Problem: The mountains in the distance seem to build in jagged chunks.
Solution: Open the Options menu in the Main Menu and adjust "Terrain Distance." Slower videocards will have less smooth terrain transitions.

Problem: I'm using a joystick and the plane is flying oddly or in circles.
Solution: Your joystick needs to have its "centering" position calibrated. Check the joystick software or the joystick control panel in the Windows Control Panel.

Problem: The plane suddenly stops in mid-air.
Solution: Check the NumLock key on your keyboard. If you accidentally hit it while working the other keys, it will pause the plane. Press NumLock to unpause the plane.

Problem: Some graphics/fonts look odd, plane is black sometimes, and other mischevious display errors...
Solution: You have a cheapie videocard or integrated chipset which doesn't support newer game software, or you have mismatched video drivers (might try downloading new ones from the manufacturer's website).

Problem: Your new computer gives you an "insufficient memory for D3D textures" error message when you try to play Galilee Flyer.

Solution: Read on...

WHY you may need to Update your Videodriver even on your "new" computer...

CASE IN POINT:  A few years ago I installed Galilee Flyer on a BRAND NEW Dell laptop. It had an integrated graphics/video chipset (the Intel 915 / 910) with TONS of videoram. But...When I clicked the "start" button in Galilee Flyer I received the following message: "insufficient memory for D3D textures." Then the program crashed.  So I checked the date of the installed videodriver on my new October 05 purchased computer. The driver date was January 2005. Sounds new, right? But I knew better. Developers are constantly "fixing" videodrivers. So I went to Dell's website and downloaded the very latest videodrivers for my brand new laptop. They were dated August 2005. I installed them with just a few easy clicks, and Galilee Flyer now works fine. 

Go to to learn how you can easily examine the dates of your drivers.

When you own a Dell you must go to the Dell website and look up your computer model and look on their list of available upgrades (under "video" or "graphic" drivers). I can only assume it's the same with some other computer brands.  FYI... I tried clicking the Dell Support icon on my desktop, but it's useless. I had to go to the Dell website. (Why is this a goofy process? Who knows. I like Dell computer, but there are some odd things like this.) Dell had the latest drivers, and they worked!  If your computer doesn't have an internet connection don't worry. The driver files come an executable file which can be burned to a CD and transported to your computers.

So bottom line... GO FIRST to the manufacturer of your computer's website -especially if you have a Dell offers it's own lineup of drivers for it's manufacturer's equipment. If they don't have the updated drivers, then go to the chip/card maker's website. If all else fails because you have an old computer or out of date card/chip, try looking up your chip/videocard at or  Please be careful. If you don't know what you're doing find someone who does know.


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Video Technical Tips for Older Computers:

When the game first opens, select to Run Galilee Flyer in "Window Mode" if you're going to be viewing the videos found in Beatitudes or Sermon on the Mount. This will allow you to resize the window of the video for clearer viewing.

On older computers, run Galilee Flyer in 16 bit "High Color" instead of 32 bit "True Color" ...this will free up an extra megabyte of videoRAM helping slower computers. You can change this setting in your Display setting (look in your Control Panel). Select 800x600 screen resolution for best performance.

Windows XP Note:

Play Galilee Flyer in the MAIN USER's account. The game needs access to your computer's harddrive to save Game/Scores.


WINDOWS VISTA (& Windows 7) Tech Helps for Galilee Flyer

Read our detailed and easy to follow instructions at

Vista Installation Problem:  During installation it may slow down at 97% installed. Solution: Wait. If after 2 minutes it still hangs, abort the installation and do this: copy the entire contents of the CD into a folder on your desktop. Run the setup.exe installer from that folder. It will then attempt to install Gal Flyer into the default folder on your computer. If you run into problems doing that... read the vista-tweaks file linked above.

Vista Starting the Game Problem & Solution: The desktop startup icon for GF may not work. If it doesn't, do the following: 

1) Delete the Startup icon on your desktop.

2) Open Windows Explorer and go to the c: flyer folder on your harddrive where the program originally installed.

3) RIGHT click the "RUN" file. This is an alternative startup file. Select "SEND TO...Desktop as a shortcut". This will put a new startup icon on your desktop.

If you have other problems with installing or starting Flyer in Vista, read our detailed and easy to follow instructions at

Vista Full screen Problem and Solution: "Game won't start in 'Full Screen' mode."  Select "Run in Window" ...then when the game screen appears, grab the corners of the screen with your mouse and drag the corners to full screen width.

Please make sure you have updated your Vista with Service Pack 1. Vista should automatically seek this update IF you have an internet connection on the computer. IF you don't, you need to figure out how to get it updated... because Vista continues to 'fix/update' itself, solving many compatibility issues.


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Galilee Flyer Game Play Help:
Here's how you play Galilee Flyer:

1) Pick from one of four subjects.
2) Select "easy" or "hard" flying controls.
3) Take off and go study the verses on Mount Hippus.
4) Fly all over Galilee to find the verses and match the correct halves with each other.
5) Answer questions about the verses to win bonuses.
6) Zoom back to the airfield when you've matched all your subject's verses.
7) Land on the floating airfield to get your "pilot ranking" and enter your name on the scoreboard
8) Then go fly to the Discussion Areas -or try for a higher score.

View a screenshot from the game explaining the onscreen instruments & controls

Important Classroom Use Note:

It takes third graders about 25 minutes to play one of the game's four subject areas. This can vary depending on how well they fly, land, and know their subject matter. After they're done flying they can go to the discussion areas, or try flying again to improve their score. Discuss area questions/discussion can last between 10 and 20 minutes depending on how much you want to tackle. Two kids can easily play together. We have a complete outline of all the game's content here at this website.

Our BIG Tip: let the kids learn how to fly and land the Galilee Flyer triplane before using the program for a lesson.

More details on how you fly and learn the verses...

As you fly, you learn about the subject selected at the beginning of the game. Students collect parts of each verse in the group they are studying. These verse "halves" are found floating in the air all over the region. Just steer the Galilee Flyer triplane into them and they pop open. The "easy" game option makes it easier for younger players.

When you find and fly into a floating verse icon, you are presented with the first half of one of the verses in your subject, and a list of possible second halves of the verse. Match it wrong and the verse closes and you must fly back around to open it again.

"Pop-up" windows after each correctly matched verse contain more brief information about the subject or verse, such as, "what does the word 'meek' mean?" Players then continue on to find the next verse.


To win the game, players match all the verses on that subject as fast as you can and head back to the airstrip to receive a score and learn even more. Galilee Flyer's flying fun will encourage students to go back over the content again and again to get a better score.


More Content Details....

  • There are approximately NINE VERSES per subject which must be correctly matched.

  • There are approximately NINE QUESTIONS per subject which you can answer to win time bonuses.

  • There are 3 or 4 questions with life-applying comments in each subject's discussion area.

  • Location of verses and questions change each time you play the game. All floating verses and questions in the game you select can be found in two locations across the terrain (so it isn't too hard to find them, and they'll undoubtedly encounter them at least twice).

  • The theological tone is "kid-friendly and moderate with an emphasis on the importance of BEING like Jesus asks us to be."

  • Kids can also fly-in and land close to Jesus to hear him preaching on one of four the subjects selected for the game. Our Jesus voice and re-phrasing of scripture is warm and friendly. Jesus speaks in a modern informal style, not preachy.

  • Visit our free detailed outline of Galilee Flyer's content, plus game/flying tips and technical notes.

To make finding Verses & Questions in the landscape a little easier, the triplane has a "heads-up display" which turns red/yellow/green the closer the plane comes to Question and Verse icons --seen here on the left and at the top of some of the screenshots on this page.

After they've collected the verses and been ranked, they can return to the terrain and find the three sets of ruins in the outer terrain which activate "discussion panels" when flown near (picture on right). These pop-up panels contain comments and discussion/reflection questions. (You can view this content in our free Teaching Tips for this program located here at our website.) 

Each game gives you 3 "lives." You can "crumple" the plane into mountains and objects, but there's no fire and explosion, ...just the sad sight of a bent plane, a funny sound and the word "ouch." I'm also happy to report that you cannot crash into Jesus!

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