Flying Demo of Sunday Software's
Galilee Flyer

The following video is a 1.6 megabyte "video screen capture" from the game.
It is quite a bit smaller than the game window, frames-per-second are fewer,
and the resolution is compressed for web playback.
If 1.6 is still too much of a wait over your connection,
View our 700kb Flyer Demo.
It's half the length, half as long and is sized a bit smaller.


This is a 1.6 mb file. With a good Internet connection, it should start playing almost immediately. Playback quality may vary depending on the speed of your connection, stability of your connection, and speed of your computer. If it is jerky the first time it plays, wait for it to entirely download and press the black arrow (play key) again. If you get a "player plug-in error" message, it may mean your computer's free copy of Quicktime is out of date. You can download the latest free version of Quicktime from

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