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Join Capt Paul Hammer, Lt. Stu Dent,
and Shelbot the Overly Brainy Robot

on a "Great Commission Adventure" to teach the Gospel
on newly discovered worlds.

Three complete adventure lessons:

  1. The Baptism of Jesus
  2. The Last Supper & Foot Washing
  3. The Road to Emmaus

Each of the 3 interactive lessons takes you to a new planet and new aliens who need to learn the story.

Lt. Stu must translate the lesson into a message they can understand. And he gets plenty of help from Shelbot and Capt Paul, and the aliens.

Memorable, fun, wide-age range, and content rich!


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Mission #1: On the underwater Planet Vet

After landing on the Planet Vet, Lt Stu meets Minister Gil Filtafish, then he makes plans to use the BABEL 4000 translator to translate the story of Jesus' baptism and the words of John the Baptist in a way that will make sense to aliens who live underwater.


Shelbot beams down the BABEL 4000 Computer which challenges Lt Stu (your students) to translate the story of Jesus' Baptism and John's message into Vetian underwater language.

The BABEL 4000 gives them huge number of Vetian words to select from, and allows them to construct the scenes in the story using Vetian images and metaphors. The kids get to re-outfit John the Baptist for underwater ministry (octopus suckers instead of camel's hair?), and then play it back to great effect. It's an activity that produces new results each time they use it, and plenty of discussion opportunities about what the concepts and words of baptism mean to us.

Back aboard the Tarsus, Capt Paul explains Baptism to Stu in a presentation, and then quizzes him (your students). There's also a fun Baptism "Pipes" puzzle-like game that gives you info about Baptism -which are in fact the answers to a fun quiz which appears at the end of the Pipes game --if you were paying attention.

See more screenshots from the Planet Vet

Mission #2: On the
Planet Whammo

After landing, Stu plays a story game with Chief Wackimac and his tribe of alien Robots to help them get the story of the Last Supper right!

You'll find out why the planet is called "Whammo" when the robots begin to make a lot of mistakes in their retelling of the story. Your students will need to pay attention and maybe even consult their Bibles to be sure they are helping the Whambots tell the story correctly.

After the story, Stu can play a Whammo game about the meaning of the Passover-Seder meal and its connection to the Lord's Supper.

He can also learn more about the Passover-Communion connection by playing a game in the Whammo Labs "robot recycling plant."  A final (ecumenical) presentation about the practice of communion takes place back aboard the ship.

Mission #3: On Ice Moon Alpha

Lt Stu encounters strange snow creatures ready to learn the story of Jesus on the Road to Emmaus.

At first, Stu is mis-identified as a danger by "Flinger" -a snowball-throwing Snoballian. After a snowball game, Teacher Snobob appears to settle things down. He invites Stu to help them dramatize their Emmaus play.


Shelbot downloads the "Stagecraft 4000" to help Stu dramatize the story with the Snoballians as the actors. The Stagecraft 4000 allows your student to design the actors, place them in the scenes, -and add scenery, sound effects, and music to dramatize the script. Then they play it back. (It's very creative and your kids will want to make several versions -re-learning the story each time. Sneaky, huh?). fyi: Jesus is portrayed with an ice halo by one of the Snoballians  :-) 

To cap off the visit to Ice Moon Alpha, Captain Paul leads the Snoballians (your students) through a very special INTERACTIVE reflection activity about "how we see Jesus today" ...and how we can help OTHERS see Jesus.

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System Specs:
Windows XP/Vista/Windows7/8 and Mac OS 10.0-10.6 compatible.

System Minimum:
800 mhz or higher. 512 mb Ram or higher. 8 mb videoram or higher.

Age Range:

Ages 5-15. Certain content is tucked in especially for the older students. Younger kids will need some help navigating. Jump Menus allow leaders to select or bypass certain content.

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MORE HIGHLIGHTS from Jesus in Space:

The Opening...

Jesus in Space opens like a Sci-Fi movie "...somewhere in the Alpha Omega System." After meeting Stu, Paul and Shelbot, suddenly an asteroid field appears and students must blast their way through. Then a message comes in from Commander Grossman, the one-eyed alien leader of Great Commission Control.

The three missions are then presented for you to select from. But you can skip all that if you need to. Jesus in Space has an exceptional navigational menu that lets you jump forward or back to any activity in the CD.

Without skipping, each mission could last up to 30 to 35 minutes.

Screenshot from the Whammo Labs... a quiz about the Last Supper Story. Stu runs through the lab avoiding whacking robots and looking for safes which contain parts of the Seder meal (karpas, egg, bitter herb). The safes can only be opened by answering a question correctly. As Stu is rewarded with the Seder element, he makes a brief comment about what it is, and what it means in the story.

Shelbot is the brains of the mission. She narrates several optional instructional pieces about key subjects, including presentations about the meaning and practice of Baptism and Communion. Content about baptism and communion is ecumenical. Shelbot wouldn't have it any other way!

The Tarsus in action against careening asteroids...

Jesus in Space features many many games, most of which teach the content, but some of which are simply REQUIRED to save the ship.

Games on the CD include:

Asteroids Blasting
Descent through Electric Eel Ocean
Baptism Water Pipes
Ice Moon Alpha Snowball throwing game
Whammo Labs Seder game

In addition....the BABEL 4000 and Stagecraft 4000 storytelling devices feel like games to the kids because they get to add their own effects and props to the stories.

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Printable student handouts for each story on the CD.

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Theology and Presentation Notes:

Is Jesus in space on this CD? Sort of.... The crew of the Starship Tarsus are the ones who visit these three alien worlds where the Gospel has recently been shared. They have to help teach the stories in images the aliens will comprehend (sort of like Sunday School!). For example, on Ice Moon Alpha, the Snoballians learn and re-tell the story of Emmaus with Lt. Stu's help. Because the Snoballians act out all the parts, Jesus looks like a Snoballian, complete with ice halo.

On the planet Whammo, the bative Whambots are attempting to re-enact the story of the Last Supper, thus all the disciples and Jesus look like robots. On the planet Vet, John the Baptist is shown as a Vetian living underwater. Instead of wearing camel's hair and baptising with water, the kids can have him wear clams and baptize with octopus ink or bubbles, or sand. (The idea is to help kids see the symbolism of the water and consider what that symbolism is trying to tell us.) And they have to figure out how to 'translate' the story of Jesus' water baptism to creatures who live underwater. The "twists" are intentional, as well as, humorous. Seeing these familiar stories through alien eyes & images is not only fun, it brings focus and creates strong memories.

Our goal is to explain important concept in memorable ways and kid-friendly language, and to give YOU the teacher plenty of PROMPTS to discuss the meaning and practice of the sacraments in a way that's comfortable with your tradition.


"Jesus in Space" ~ Copyright and Trademark, Sunday Software Inc.