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Jesus in Space CD

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The "Stagecraft 4000" in the Road to Emmaus Story.

Teacher SnoBob asks Lt. Stu for help in retelling the Emmaus story. So Shelbot 'beams down' the Stagecraft 4000. Your students add sound effects to key phrases in the story and drag props and characters onto the multiple scenes. The machine then animates the whole story to great effect!  Capt Paul transmits questions during key parts of the story.


The end screen in the Jesus in the Snow reflection activity.

This interactive animated reflection helps students apply the lesson of Emmaus to "seeing Jesus" in our daily lives and not missing him.


The Baptism Pipes and Quiz Game

Students select pieces to complete the pipes and bring water to the baptism. This Pipes puzzle game presents key ideas about the symbolism of baptism and water which are quizzed after the pipes are complete. Answer the questions correctly and you can play the Pipes game again.


On Planet Whammo

Lt Stu matches wits with the Whambots trying to remember the story of the Last Supper. The bots tend to act it out wrong, and Stu must decide if it was right or wrong. The story elements are taken from Matthew, Luke and John. Chapter & Verse hints are quickly given if your students need to look them up. The answers given by Whambots are different each time it's played. If Stu gets enough correct, he's treated to the Stockboy Seder Game, before he heads off to the Whammo Labs game.

The "Maror" lock quiz question inside the Whammo Labs Seder Plate game.

Lt. Stu trying to find the food for the Seder in the Whammbot Lab

Jesus in Space CD is fun interactive lesson software for ages 5-15.

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View/Print the 3 Student Mission Handouts (pdfs)
Printable student handouts for each story on the CD.

View the Teacher's Outline to the Program


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