Scenes from Capt Paul Hammer, Lt. Stu Dent,
and Shelbot the Overly Brainy Robot's
"Great Commission Adventure" to teach the Gospel
on the newly discovered

in Sunday Software's Jesus in Space CD

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As they play the Baptism game, info about Baptism scrolls by. At the end of the game, if they want to play again, they must answer a 7 question QUIZ ...the answers to which were scrolling by.  Sneaky, huh?


There's also a Baptism Presentation which the players can watch aboard the Starship Tarsus.
It is ecumenical in nature, and shows the various ways Christians are baptized.
At the end of the presentation, several questions are posed....

Tucked into this program are extra study notes for the older kids to discuss with their teachers.

Great Commission Control has sent the Tarsus to explain Baptism to Minister Gil on the Planet Vet.

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