-- a 3d style Bible story software game about the story of Joseph from Sunday Software.

Joseph's Story is a 3-D style lesson-game that tells the whole story of Joseph. Your students guide "Robin MacTavish," a teenage archaeologist, through the underground ruins of Joseph's palace recently discovered beneath the Egyptian sands by her grandfather, Sir Dabney MacTavish. Their conversation during the adventure helps tell the story and guide your students. (If you've seen our terrific Exodus Adventures CD, you've already met Robin and Sir Dabney.)

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All the major parts of the Bible story are in the game. A navigational menu allows players to jump to any part of the story they want to concentrate on, or visit again. The menu also allows students/teachers to skip past parts of the story.

Joseph has left his amazing story behind in his mysterious palace for future generations to discover.

...But he's also made getting through the palace rather challenging and fun. The ruins are ...ruins!  There are passageways and door, gates and spiders. The teacher's guide tells all.

Robin meets her Grandfather, Sir Dabney MacTavish, in the Dig Tent, then journeys into the underground ruins to encounter the story.

As Robin is guided by your students through the ruins (using the keyboard and mouse), they trace the path of the story of Joseph --the coat of many colors, the dreams, the well of rejection, Potiphar's house, Pharaoh's prison, the Baker and Cupbearer's dreams, Pharaoh's Dreams, famine and service to Pharaoh, and reconciliation with Joseph's brothers.

As she's exploring the ruins, Robin gets too close to the well and falls in it. --And that's when the real adventure begins.
  • The ruins begin to think that Robin is Joseph.
  • The slave traders come after her.
  • Potiphar's wife has her arrested and thrown in prison.
  • Robin finds the Baker and Cupbearer, hears their stories, and if she answers their dreams correctly, she is let out of prison.
  • Robin is called to solve Pharaoh's dream, and if she does so correctly, she is set free and meets up with her grandfather again who takes her through "Joseph's Maze" to hear and see the rest of the story.

At the end of the maze, when Robin finds the cup of Benjamin she emerges above ground.

Now Robin must climb the scaffolding around an obelisk to meet her Grandpa Dabney again and show him Benjamin's cup.

When she puts the cup into the obelisk, it triggers a final event: Joseph's brothers appear and talk with Robin. She hears what's in their heart --and ponders the true meaning of Joseph's story.

Grandpa Dabs is a teacher, as well as guide through the program. He talks about the story at various points during the game, and gives Robin (the players) instructions about what to do next

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