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Introducing Sunday Software's Prodigal Son CD

An interactive re-telling of one of Jesus' most important stories

The Prodigal Son is an interactive CD for children and youth designed to teach into memory one of Jesus' most important stories. Through the Prodigal Son CD your students will learn Jesus' wonderful message about the character and forgiveness of God, ...and our own need to be forgiven ..and to forgive.

The Prodigal Son CD retells the Luke 15 story word for word. Not only do your students hear and read the story, they see it unfold on the screen through a unique video retelling of the story set on a modern day farm featuring a father and son. This story is told by your onscreen teacher Bildad the Bible Explorer.

Prodigal Son CD also features clickable multimedia study notes that are embedded in the onscreen text that grab kids' attention. Click a study note icon and Bildad comes alive explaining the concept and showing the concept on his projector screen.

Study Notes include:

  • "what's this about a fatted calf?"
  • "what's with the pigs in the story?"
  • "why did the father give his son an inheritance?"
  • "what is this 'dissolute living' Luke writes about?"
  • "why did his father give him the ring off his finger?"
  • "what does this story tell me about salvation? about God and me?"
  • and over a dozen more multimedia study note presentation that beg discussion.

Each study note includes a question the teacher can run with.

After the multimedia Bible study...
Prodigal Son offers students a fun & thought provoking music video shot on a real farm with a real farm father and son. The music video is titled The Ballad of the Prodigal Son. We've packed it with great images for discussion. Your kids will want to listen and view it several times, --each time pushing the story and its meanings deeper into their memories.

The music video features recording artist Barry Weaver, and cameo appearances by Sloppy, Waller and Root --the Prodigal Pigs. Pictured below: Sloppy and the Prodigal Son -who's finally coming to his senses.

View and hear a portion of the music video here

Other "Channels" on Bildad's SonTV include... a few other of Jesus' teachings about God's forgiveness and a music clip from Christian rock artist Steve Lindsley's song "Native Son." These other channels are perfect for deeper learning with older students, or for extending the use of the CD over several lessons.

After digging into the story and enjoying the multimedia ... students finish the lesson with an onscreen life-applying letter writing activity. Here students take the role of the various characters in the story to express their feelings from their point of view. These can be printed and then discussed.

SEE our online DEMO of the LETTERS Activity! (405 kb download. The sound and print features are disabled in the demo version.)

This is an OLD page. Go to our New Prodigal Son CD Webpage!

At the end of the CD, your students are rewarded with The Prodigal Fun Game

Bildad the Bible Explorer, the animated and slightly eccentric onscreen teacher in Prodigal Son CD first appeared in our Good Sam the Samaritan CD. A kid favorite, we brought him back for Prodigal Son CD to guide students and ask questions. Your teachers are prompted by the program's content and Bildad to reflect on content.

Prodigal Son features the voice of professional storyteller and singer Barry Weaver as the verse narrator and Balladeer for the music video. His country twang is perfect for this farm inspired story.

System Requirements:
Prodigal Son will run on both Windows 95/98/ME/XP/Vista/Windows7, and Power Mac/iMac system 8/9 and X in classic mode. MINIMUM: 400 mhz, 64 megs RAM, with 8 mb of ram on the video/graphic card. As with all our multimedia software --the multimedia will run more smoothly on computers with higher system specs.

Age Range: 6 to 18 years
The main content is also quite suitable for even younger children ages 4-6. We've aimed the bulk of the content at older children and younger youth, but the narrated content, multimedia and humor will definitely appeal to the younger crowd as well as old.





A Few Reviews...

I think the program is great. The "HUH" study notes are especially good for explaining and helping to understand the text. -- Jane Henderson, Chalmers United, St. Mary's Ontario

You've done it again Neil, ...Prodigal CD was a hit with the kids and teachers, ...and I can't get that song out of my head. Can we buy the sheet music? My teachers said "more software like this PLEASE." - John Vink, Chicago Alliance Church

Dear Neil, I have a complaint. After class I had to kick three children out of my class -they wanted to go back over the CD. Never had that problem before. Stop making the Word of God so attractive. ;-) Betsy Van Meder, Orlando

We received it just in time for our granddaughter's birthday. She couldn't wait to play it and couldn't stop when she started. It is wonderful to have such uplifting software that is so very fun for the children. - Bill and Marjorie Petersen, Cleveland

For those familiar with Good Sam the Samaritan CD....

Prodigal Son is the second CD featuring Bildad the Bible Explorer. Good Sam the Samaritan was the first. While having a strong visual resemblance to our Good Sam the Samaritan CD, --Prodigal Son is tighter in scope, options, and length than Good Sam the Samaritan and fits more easily in a one lab lesson time slot. Prodigal Son goes a step further in our evolving concept of onscreen interactive Bible study.


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