The CD...

Attack of the Sunday School Zombies is a fun 3d style game that helps kids understand the right attitude they should bring to worship and Sunday School.

The "Zombies" are a group of children, youth and adults who are running around crazy inside a church. They are constantly complaining about being there, or telling you the wrong reasons to be there.

Providentially, Super Kenz the Bible Kid attends that church!  She's ready to share some insights and Bible verses with them to try and change their attitude. Her verses appear on her iTell handheld computer which she reads and discusses with each zombie.

However, when she first arrives at church on Sunday, the Zombies are in full whining mode.
....That's where the DONUTS come into play. 

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 The Donuts...

Chocolate Dipped Donuts are the only thing known to stop Church Zombies long enough to talk to them.

Super Kenz grabs her "Donut Flinger," (pictured right in her hands) loads up on donuts found in the church, and then sets out to find each Zombie. When she comes upon them, they start their complaining.

Super Kenz then proceeds to fling chocolate donuts at them, which of course, makes them dance around and try to run away. Chocolate donuts are messy. 

If her aim is good enough and Kenz flings enough donuts at them, they stop running away and start talking. Super Kenz listens to their complaints about being in church, and then share some insights about why their attitude isn't right -and how to change it.

At the end of the game... when Super Kenz has turned all 8 zombies back into church members, they meet her in the Sanctuary for worship -after she washes off the donut mess in one of the church bathrooms. (Then your kids will want to play it again.)  

  • The game is great fun

  • Challenges familiar lame attitudes and complaints

  • ...and gives your kids important ideas to think about and discuss.

This CD is designed for use anytime, anywhere. It can be used as a lesson, as a game, and even comes with a brand new type of "site license" that would allow you to give a copy to every kid in your Sunday School to take home.

View a short video of Super Kenz discovering Pastor Bob Zombie and the Hymnbook Zombies!

View a short video of Super Kenz with her Donut Flinger

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About the Zombies..

They're not really that scary, and they're not the flesh-eating kind. These are donut-loving zombies. The zombies are walking around bored, disinterested, scared, and COMPLAINING about going to church. And when they get hit with donuts, they start to run and dodge.

Daniel the boy:
    I'm bored! I want to be entertained!
Luke the young boy:   My parents make me come. Why go on Sunday anyway?
Nikki the young teen:    It's a hassle to dress up, and people judge you on the way you look.
Cara the teenager:   I don't like some of the people there. Some of them aren't nice. They're hypocrites.
Neil the old guy:   I go because I feel like I have to pay God back and do my duty.
Pastor Bob**:   It's not supposed to be exciting! Get used to it.
Mrs. Moreno:   I can be a Christian all on my own. I don't need other people.
Malinda the mom:  It seems so fake, and I have my doubts.

*Thanks to my youth group and our customers for helping us coming up with these 8 Zombie excuses.

**Yes, Pastor Bob is supposed to be floating 6 feet over the pews in the Sanctuary, this is not a glitch! He only comes down when Super Kenz has talked him off his high horse.   :-)

This CD encourages your students to attend worship and Sunday School...

  • It explains the importance of worship and Bible study in a kid-friendly way.

  • It helps them see past what can appear to be boring, to see what's important.

  • It gives them answers to the question "why should I go?" --a question which often only gets answered with "because."

  • It introduces them to many great Bible verses on the subject of worship and attitude.

  • It gives teachers and parents plenty to talk about with their kids.

  • And it does all this in a FUN & HUMOROUS GAME they will want to play over and over and over again.  

Gameplay in the Church...

Flying popcorn, annoying bats, water spraying from the sinks, and a classroom filled with frogs --are just a few of the things that challenge Super Kenz as she tries to find the zombies.  Throughout the zombified church there are weird and encouraging messages on posters and bulletin boards.  To get through doors she must fling donuts at them. And there are extra boxes of donuts hidden around the church. The church is bright and colorful (not scary) -though the organ music in the sanctuary is a bit awful, until all the zombies have been changed and they meet again for worship.

Super Kenz has a Donut Flinger... a crossbow kind of contraption. The chocolate makes quite a mess, but it's all for a good cause. Whap the zombies with enough donuts (it takes quite a few), and they'll stop long enough for some life changing dialog between them and Super Kenz'. If you got a problem with whapping people with donuts, avoid this CD ;-)  Super Kenz and your kids will undoubtedly fire off a lot of them!

Disclaimer: Any resemblance to your church or any other church, or to members of your church is purely intentional.

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System Requirements:

Minimum: Windows Me/XP/Vista*/Windows 7*, 800 mhz, 128 mb Ram, 16mb videoram minimum.
See our Zombie Windows Vista & 7 notes for details.

Age Range: 

Ages 6 to Adult will enjoy this game. Younger children will need some help playing. This game is optimally for ages 8 through 16 and everyone who likes donuts. 

A game should take about 20-25 minutes to play depending on skill level and level of difficulty you select.  They'll want to play it twice too, AFTER your post-game discussion about the content. There is an option for level of difficulty as well.

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Cost of two copies of Zombies CD  = $44.

Have five different grades play and discuss Zombies once a year for two years in a row (because the subject is important!
Play it next year too. That's 20 lessons. 
$44 20 = $2.20 per lesson.

Box of donuts = $6.00

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Teaching & Classroom Use Notes: 

This is a 3d style game designed for play before, or during or after class, or at home. It's not difficult to play, and the 3d landscape is not very large. The game takes place in a church with many rooms to explore and zombies to find. It takes about 20 to 25 minutes for an older child to play. And they can play it again and again.

The "why go to church?" point of view in this CD is not about fear or guilt. It's about thankfulness, the importance of seeking God's guidance, seeking help and putting yourself in a position to help others, and desiring a closer relationship with God.

Print the Zombies Game Guide and Student Worksheet!

The Story Behind the Zombies CD
I've been teaching Sunday School and youth groups for nearly three decades. And in nearly every class or group, I've found it important to ANSWER "WHY" kids should want to come to church and Sunday School.  ...Because let's face it: worship and lessons aren't exactly fun things to do in the minds of our kids.
Our kids (and some adults) have a lot of complaints. They say "it's boring" or "I don't need to come in order to be a Christian." (see the list of zombie complaints above)  The typical answer of "because it's important" or "because I said so" isn't good enough. The answer needs to be grounded in scripture and delivered with creative insight. The answer also needs to come with suggestions kids can implement to make their experience come alive. Zombies CD does this.

I hope this game will begin to answer their complaints and give you plenty of opportunity to discuss "answers" to their important questions.

Why "Zombies" ?  
First... they're fun and make the game exciting.
Second... they are a metaphor for the way people sometimes mindlessly and boringly GO THROUGH THE MOTIONS at church and Sunday School.
Third....Kids love to splatter the donuts. And when they splatter the zombies, the zombies pay attention, ...and that means your KIDS are paying attention.
<>< Neil MacQueen, Sunday Software
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Pictures from the Game...

The church looks nice, but some of the people there have been taken over by some bad attitudes and wrong-headed thinking.

Stopping Zombies from being Zombies takes a lot of donuts. Fortunately, the "Super Kenz Donut Flinger" is up to the task.

Super Kenz' is a kid of the 21st Century. When she needs some Bible verses to share with the Zombies, she whips out her "iTell-TheTruth" Bible computer, Model 7x70.

See all iTell verses in our study guide:
The Study Guide & Worksheet (3mb pdf)

One Customer's Review!

Dear Neil,
My 11 year old son was giving the "Attack of the Sunday School Zombies" a trial run last night for me last night while I explored the Illumnia software.  I was cracking up just listening to the "meetings, meetings, meetings."  I think it would be a great resource for me to use for our volunteers too sort of a fun leadership training.  Attitude really makes a difference for us all.  I need to play it myself next. 

So, a big thank you to you and your ministry!

Catherine Curtis. 1st Congregational, Glen Ellyn IL


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