About Sunday Software Support

Sunday Software Support is the “heir” to sundaysoftware.com’s support content and misc articles and content from our former site. The business and sales side of Sundaysoftware.com ran for 24 years and closed its doors several years ago.

18 of Sunday Software’s Bible software programs for Sunday School were donated to http://www.rotation.org and can now be downloaded for free by their supporting members. Those free downloads also include our final updated versions of each program’s teaching guide and tech tips. Lesson plans that use our software have also been posted to Rotation.org’s Lesson Forums (by Bible story). General advice about teaching with software & computers can also be found at Rotation.org in the “Workshop how-to” forums.

If the support helps at this “heir” site don’t solve your problem, you can email Neil MacQueen (Sunday Software) at neilmacqueen@gmail.com

Begin with my “GENERAL SUPPORT TIPS” posting as it solves many common problems encountered with a variety of programs we’ve had in our catalog.

“Life of” software ~ Daniel, Paul, Moses, David, Noah etc

These tech notes are for the popular “Interactive Kids Bible” series of software sold by EPC through Sunday Software. They include “Life of Moses,” Life of David,” “Noah and the Ark,” “Adventures with Daniel.”

If the curtain opens and closes in the Bible Time Theater without playing the video clip, do the following to install Quicktime version 2.1 on your computer:

  1. Open the QT211 folder in your program’s installed folder (or in the downloaded file or CD).
  2. Right click the QT32.exe file and Select “Run as Admin.”
  3. Select Install and “SKIP” looking for other versions. Continue with the install.

    Depending on your system, you may get a Windows prompt asking you if you “really want to install” or it may flag the install as a possible problem. Ignore all that. These files are fine, just older.

    If Windows throws up a caution and offers you a “more details” option, click “more details” and select “install anyway.”


Before you start the Interactive Kids software, open your Windows’ Display “Scaling” Option and select 150%. To find the Windows scaling option panel on your computer, type “scaling” in the Windows search box.

These software programs have become available again thanks to the generosity of their owner. They are now available for free download at https://www.rotation.org/forum/free-bible-software-for-children-and-youth to the members of Rotation.org.