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Program not filling the screen?
Many of our programs have fixed pixel sizes which can make them appear small on higher pixel screens. Use Window’s built-in Display “SCALING” option to zoom your display to 150%. This will make our fixed programs fill more of the screen. Open your Display Settings by right-clicking any blank area on your Desktop and selecting “Display.”

Some Menus and Multimedia in our programs not working or crashing?
Did you recently get a new computer? Then you probably need to install the latest version of Quicktime for Windows from Apple’s website: https://support.apple.com/kb/DL837

“I read that I should un-install Quicktime from my computer. Is this true?”
No, you should not uninstall Quicktime. Instead, you should install the latest/last version of it (7.7.9). Apple has removed the QT browser plug-in from the latest/last version of Quicktime so that there are no longer any security issues with QT. While Apple is no longer updating Quicktime, it is still required for many multimedia software programs. Go to https://support.apple.com/kb/DL837

Security Pop-Ups, Administrative Permissions
Windows can get worried about older executables and installers, but you don’t have to worry with our software. Tell it “yes” and “allow.” Or in the case of this warning: “Run Anyway.”

We recommend always installing a program and running it while in the full admin user account. If you have set up a limited user account, log back in as the admin.

Watch for Windows security pop up windows which appear UNDERNEATH installation and message boxes, instead of out where you can see them. Look on your taskbar for a throbbing Windows permission box patiently waiting for you to act on it!

If your computer has over-zealous security software, it may be interfering with the operation of an older program or a function the program wants to access. This is especially true of newer security programs over-reacting to older software. To test if this is the problem, temporarily disable or turn off the security program.

Video, Animations not working, Quicktime Issues
Windows 10 can’t install Quicktime for Windows, videos or software menus aren’t running or they crash on my new Windows 10 PC.

Install Quicktime version 7.7.9 !!!

Animation or Menu or Video Won’t Run…
Stuttering video…
Sound choppy…

These are classic “QUICKTIME” issues which are easily solved by downloading the latest version of QUICKTIME for Windows. Install Quicktime 7.7.9 Many programs use it to run videos, animations and menus. If you don’t have the latest version installed, strange things can happen. If your computer is connected to the internet, this is a no-brainer. If your computer where the problem is occurring is NOT connected to the internet, then go to one that is, download the QT installation program, copy it to a flash drive (aka thumb drive, memory stick) and take that drive to the computer in need and install it from the drive.

Stuttering Video on Older Computers?
In some cases, you may need to UN-CHECK the “3d hardware acceleration” option in the Quicktime control panel. Click here to see a graphic showing you where the QT panel is and how to do this.

Animated menu and Bible Time Theater Videos Won’t Run in Life of David, Paul, Daniel, Noah
Install the older version of Quicktime found on the CD. Use Windows Explorer to locate the Quicktime installation program on the CD (probably named QT32.exe). During the installation of QT, select “SKIP” or “No” when it asks if you want to search for other versions, otherwise the installation may hang. If you get a “disk full” msg in XP or any other crazy error, log in as the admin, and also try RIGHT clicking the qt32 file and selecting Run as Admin to enable permissions for the installer. Remember to RIGHT CLICK the Quicktime qt32.exe file and select Run As Administrator to install it. If you don’t, you’ll get a crazy error message.

“Macromedia or Director Has Encountered a Problem and….”
Install the latest version of Quicktime for Windows. It’s free from http://www.apple.com. Search their site for “Quicktime Download.”

The Program is not filling the screen
Make Programs appear larger on monitor
Many programs have fixed display widths. If you have a high-resolution monitor (like 1900 x 1200), and the program wants to display at 800 x 600, a thick black border will appear around the program windows. In Windows 7. 8, and 10 you can “SCALE” things that appear on the screen to fill more of it. Each version of Windows has a slightly different display control panel and scaling option. See the images below. To do either of these, open your Display Settings by right-clicking any blank area on your Desktop and selecting “Display.”

Cal and Marty talking heads look scrambled?
Open the installed Cal and Marty folder and then open the ‘rendering.exe’ file and select “software” or “hardware” acceleration options. One of those two will cure your scrambled heads!

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