Support for Cal and Marty’s Scripture Memory Game software

If Cal and Marty’s talking heads look “scrambled” during the game, here’s the simple solution:

Navigate to your installed Cal and Marty folder on your computer, Double Click the “rendering.exe” application, and check the unchecked option (it’s preset to one, so check the OTHER option). The default is “software” but many newer computers prefer “hardware.” This solves the problem unless your computer has been compromised by a papist plot, or your drivers are mismatched (more about that below).

Rendering.exe doesn’t reform your computer; it only applies the correction to how Cal and Marty’s animation is handled by your graphics chip. John Calvin reminds you to run this patch while logged in as the admin to your computer, otherwise, you won’t have permission to do it, or may need to do it each time you start the program. You can right click the rendering.exe application and select “Run as Admin.”

How To Make the Game Window Fill More of the Screen

Due to the drag and drop nature of the game, Cal and Marty has a fixed screen size. However, in Windows 7, 8, and 10, you can “SCALE” (zoom) your Display resolution to make the game appear larger on your monitor.  See the Windows 10 graphic here. You can find the display scale settings by right clicking and empty area of your desktop and selecting display. In earlier versions of Windows look for the scaling option in the Control Panel’s Display center.

Changing this will affect how all programs appear on the screen, so you should be prepared to return the setting back to 100% after using the game.

How to COPY and PASTE a Cal and Marty VERSE SET from one computer to another

Cannot copy or open a verse set, or can’t find the file you think you saved?

Trying to find the Question File you created and saved?

This is more complicated than you’d think because Windows 7, 8, and 10 actually store Cal and Marty’s verse set text files in a special secure folder and not the same folder where the program’s executable files get installed. It’s a dumb security thing.  So if you have a previously created verse set text file from another computer that you want to install onto your computer, then you need to PASTE that file into the correct folder which is buried in your AppData/Local/VirtualStore/ProgramFiles (x86)/ Cal and Marty folder.  Drill down through those folders in File Explorer until you find the Cal and Marty folder and then paste your new copied file into it!

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