List of Bible Software for Kids Available for Free Download

Here’s a list of the 18 free PC Bible software for kids that I donated to where you can download them. The links below go to their individual description pages at Those pages also link to lesson plans written for those programs.

They all work on Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11. 🙂

Abraham and Sarah

Attack of the Sunday School Zombies

Awesome Bible Stories

Bongo Loves the Bible

Cal and Marty’s Scripture Memory Game

Elijah & Jonah

Exodus Adventures

Faith Through the Roof

Five Loaves~Two Fishes

Fluffy & God’s Amazing Christmas Adventure

Galilee Flyer

Good Sam the Samaritan

Jesus in Space

Joseph’s Story

Let’s Talk

The Prodigal Son

The Ten Commandments

Fall of Jericho Quiz Game and quiz maker

Author: Neil

I'm Neil MacQueen, a Presbyterian minister (PCUSA). For 24 years I owned and operated Sunday Software at A few years ago I shut down the site and donated all my software to I am also the founder and webmaster of, a non-profit Sunday School resource ministry run by a group of volunteers.

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