Recommended Bible Apps for Children

Over at in the “Computer Workshop” forum I’ve been recommending Bible apps for kids and talking about them. I’ve also recommended a couple of Bible study apps that I personally like to use. You can also find links and helps for the 18 PC software titles I created with Sunday Software and turned into FREE downloads for the supporting members of Those downloads can be shared with kids and families in your congregation.

Go to for my latest recommendations about Bible apps for kids. That topic also has some content-creation apps kids can use to in a lesson plan.

They include:

The YOU VERSION Kids Bible App

Sunscool Bible App

You will not find me recommending “just any mediocre Bible app” of which there are many. I’m only recommending those that are the obvious good ones, –ecumenical, kid-friendly, not buggy, usually free, and not full of in-app purchases.

How do you use a Bible App on a tablet(s) in Sunday School?

Any app that a kid can use at-home or in the car is an app a Sunday School teacher can also use with their class. They function like the Bible software I’ve been promoting and creating and teaching with –like a component/activity in a lesson plan, not a replacement for one. Read more about how to incorporate tablets and apps in Sunday School here in this article at

Neil MacQueen is the founder of both and, two creative Sunday School resource ministries. He is a Presbyterian minister specializing in Children’s Ministry resources.

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I'm Neil MacQueen, a Presbyterian minister (PCUSA). For 24 years I owned and operated Sunday Software at A few years ago I shut down the site and donated all my software to I am also the founder and webmaster of, a non-profit Sunday School resource ministry run by a group of volunteers.

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