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Below are some of our most often asked/solved tech and gameplay issues with Bongo Loves the Bible software. For more specific help, you can contact

Bongo Loves the Bible
Bongo was released in several versions over the years. All Bongo fixes and improvements are in the final version available for free at That version also had the free updated question files pre-installed. Here are some gameplay challenges that may appear to be tech issues to you:

Need help avoiding/beating the plants? Slingshot bananas at them! 3 should make them wither. If they keep eating you again and again do this: when you left click on the verse message to get rid of it, start JUMPING using your CTRL key and use your arrow keys to move away at the same time.

There are a few places where the plants can trap Bongo in an endless cycle of being eaten. Don’t mess with the plants.

Problem: The Cave is too dark in Bongo Knows the Bible. Solution: Press Ctrl-G and adjust the gamma brightness. Press Ctrl-G to return to the game.

Problem: I’m lost in the Cave game (Bongo Knows the Bible), or don’t know what to do. Solution: Read the game guide and use the map.

Problem: I can’t Jump well on Faith/Hope/Love in the Cave game. Solution: Sid has made jumping kind of difficult. Make sure you are in “easy” mode. Then practice practice practice.

Problem: Bongo seems to “get stuck” crossing the lava pit in the “Cave” game when I heard the strange voice. Solution: Press Ctrl-G to adjust the “gamma” brightness.” Then press Ctrl-G again to get rid of the gamma control panel. This will unstick Bongo.

Problem: I get the key and go to the Treasure Chest, but it just shoots out gems and confetti, what should I do? Solution: Collect all the gems and bananas. After about 20 seconds of bonus point rackin-up the game will end and take you to the scoreboard.

Problem: I can’t land on the Revelations platform in the Canyon Books game. Solution: We tricked you. It’s Revelation, not Revelations. Jump on the correct one.

Problem: I keep getting smooshed by the Rocks in the Bible Books Canyon Game. Problem: I keep getting smooshed by the Rocks in the “Bongo KNOWS the Bible” Game. Solution: In the Canyons Game stay all the way over on the right or left where they can’t touch you. Solution in the “Cave” (“knows”) Game: Run behind them when they pass and follow them until they drop, then jump over the broken bridge.

Problem: How do I know which saved game is mine on the load saved game screen? Answer: I wish the save feature allowed players to type info but it doesn’t. Instead, when you click and “Empty Slot” on the save screen, it takes a screenshot of the location where Bongo is standing in the game and places that screenshot in the Empty Slot. Thus, your best bet is to tell students to stand in front of some memorable feature like a chest or bridge THEN click Alt+S to open the Save Game feature, click an Empty Slot. You’ll see the screenshot inserted. NOW: write down which slot is the one you want to come back to at a later time to “load” and continue where you left off. (Write yourself a note such as, “Jack: second row, third from the left”). FYI: You can save and load a game by pressing the Alt+S keys.

Problem: Right after out-running the big rock, I keep jumping down into the canyon instead of onto the platform. Solution: You need to jump onto the ‘starter’ unlabeled ‘starter’ platforms found at the left or right of where the rock falls down. From that initial platform at the head of each canyon you can see the labeled books to jump on.

Problem: Sometimes I jump onto a CORRECT book of the Bible and I fall for no reason. Solution: You’re probably jumping into a crow. Wait for them to fly by.

Problem: I accidentally hit the Windows key on the keyboard and it crashes the game when I try to go back into the game. Solution: Unfortunately, the Windows key on some keyboards is too close to the CTRL key and kids will hit it instead of the CTRL key when jumping. This takes you to the Windows desktop and the game hates that. There are a couple things you can do to help. Show the kids how to hook their hand on the edge of the keyboard to position their finger properly so they KNOW FOR SURE they are hitting the CTRL key. You can also tell them to use the other CTRL key to jump.

Problem: I’m having trouble reading the books of the Bible platform. Solution: Use your mouse to change your angle of view.

Problem: I keep falling into the canyon when chased by rocks. Solution: There are small ‘starter’ platforms at the beginning edge of each canyon. From there you jump onto the books of the Bible platforms. So when you jump off the edge steer a little right or left to land on the platform. As you slowly skooch along the side of the canyon where the rock is rolling, you can go under the greenery hanging there and “spy” the small platform.

Problem: I jump and overshoot the platform. Solution: The longer you hold the CTRL key, the further Bongo will jump. In most cases, you just need to hit it once while running to get to the next platform. Line up Bongo at the back corner of the platform he is standing on, then get a running start and press CTRL key to jump.

Problem: My kids sometimes hit the WINDOWS Key instead of the CTRL (jump) key. When I get back to the Bongo game, it is acting strangely.

Solution: You need to restart Bongo and tell them not to exit the game like that! There is a second CTRL key on the keyboard that doesn’t have a Windows key next to it, use that one instead.

Problem: Sid keeps pummeling me and trapping me. Solution: That Sid, he’s a wild boy. Sling bananas right at his belly if he has you trapped in a rock corner. He keeps following your movements so use your arrow keys to move left and right and jump at the same time to sneak past him. You can jump on top of Sid too, but I do not recommend it (sometimes he can get stuck on Sid’s head).

Problem: The Certificates printed out too small, …or without the player name. Solution: 1) Open up the OPTIONS menu in the Bongo game and select FULL next time you go to play a game. It will always remember that option. Or, if you want to print one without playing the game again, open the DOCUMENTS folder and open up the correct certificate and print it. We placed copies in there for you.

The certificates NEVER print with the player name on them. Entering the player name at the end of a game only places the name on the High Score page. We didn’t write it on the certificate because we figured you might want to hand-print the player’s ENTIRE name on the certificate and our scoring page only allows for 6 letters.

Problem: Bongo Won’t Start Up. Solutions: 1. RIGHT click Bongo’s startup icon and select “Run as Administrator” 2. You may also need to RIGHT click the icon and select “Run as XP” in Windows’ compatibility options.

The Bongo Teacher’s Outline has all the game’s secrets and shortcuts. Here are a few more:

  • You really don’t have to sling bananas at Sid or the Plants. Just run around them. They can only reach so far.
  • The Jungle and Cave layouts are actually very simple, though at first they may look like mazes. Consult the teacher’s guide for maps.
  • When you hear the crow sound on the Bible Books platform, Press your ‘end’ key to duck. If you jump into a crow, he will knock you off.
  • In the Bible Books game, stay to the right or left and let the rocks roll by you. Jump to the small platform just past the edge on either side of where the rocks fall.
  • In the Bible Books game, use your mouse to change your point of view to get a better look at the names of books.
  • In the Bible Books game, you don’t have to click out of the notes about each book that appear on screen. They will disappear when you jump.
  • In the cave game, things must be done in the correct order. Look, read, and listen. At the beginning of the game you can adjust the “gamma” to brighten the cave for easier play. When you cross over Faith, Hope and Love, turn left and go down the skinny path.
  • The treasure key in the Jungle quiz games is in the waterfall where the dolphin is squeaking, but it won’t appear there until all questions in the level have been answered.
  • Before teaching with Bongo, preview it yourself, and let your students play with it at the end of class prior to using it for a lesson.
  • HUGE TIP…. On some keyboards, the “Windows” key is right next to the “CTRL” key which you use to jump. If you hit the Windows key, it can take you out of the game, and going back into the game can create problems. Warn the kids. Show them the ‘other’ CTRL key on the keyboard.

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